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6 Best Ways To Make Money Online – Digital Me Help

Last Updated on 5 September,2020 by Arun Pandey

Hi Digital Learner’s, in this article today, you will learn how to make money online home.

People who are new to the Internet, they are surprised to know if we can actually make money online, sitting at home ??

But it is true that from internet, we can earn a lot of money from job too, but we all need to have the right knowledge to work online.

If you want to earn money online, then you can know the knowledge of your field Have to achieve.

I am giving you the idea of making money online, everyone can use this idea like school students, housewife, retired persons, anyone can earn money by working online.

6 Best Ways To Make Money Online - Digital Me Help

But let us tell you, there are many scams to earn money online.
Not all of you have to get into this scam.

If you get the offer shown below, then you have to reject the offer, it can also be a scam.

If someone tells you that we will give you work online, but you have to pay the money first.If such an offer comes, you will have to immediately choke and decline that offer.

But Digital Me Help will show you the right way and the right way to earn money online.

All the methods that I have mentioned below, all these methods are true, and you can actually make money online with these methods.

6 Best Ways To Make Money Online

1 . Create online blog

If you like writing related to a topic, then you can create your own blog.
You won’t believe it, but you can earn millions a month by creating a blog, and you are reading this article, it is also a blog.

You can also create your blog for free and you can make a professional blog with little money.


You can use to create a blog for free. But if you want to create a professional blog then you can create a blog with the help of wordpress, by purchasing a great hosting, and you can make very good blogs with the help of wordpress.Org blog is also made with the help of WordPress.

We can make money from blogs through Google Adsense Ads.

And to increase more traffic to the blog, we need more and more backlinks.

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2. Youtube

Have you ever wondered why everyone put so many videos on YouTube ??

We can also make money from YouTube.
You must have seen on YouTube that if you watch any video, an advertisement comes first, just by this ad the admin of the video makes money.

6 way to make money online

To make money from YouTube, you need to put your videos on YouTube.

You have to search for many topics like comedy, yoga and more and choose any one of them.

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And make a video on that subject and upload it to YouTube.
You can also take videos from your phone.

When your video has 1000 subscribers, 10,000 views and 2,40,000 watch time, then your video will start showing ads.


These ads will not come on their own, you have to apply for Google Adsense when your AdSense Will be approved, then your video will come with advertisements, and you can make money through that ads.

And the important thing is that your video must be original, and the content should be of quality.

3. Sell stuff online

There will be many such things in your house that you will not use, the same thing remains in your house.

That thing can be your old cellphone, a book or an electronics item.

Remember one thing, “What is not in your work, that thing can definitely be used by someone else”

6 Best Ways To Make Money Online - Digital Me Help

First of all you have to find all the unuseful items from your home.

Then you must have heard the names of ebay, olx, flip card and amazon.

You have to create your cellar account in one of these, and add all that.
I would recommend you to create a seller account on Olx for selling old things.

Because Olx is the best platform to sell and buy used items.

the special thing – to earn money online, it is very important to have a bank account and a paypal account.

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4. Freelancer writing

I already told you about writing but this method is slightly different from the blog.

If you have a good writing skill then you can get work by going to the freelancer website and earn money.

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With freelance writing, you are paid the money immediately after the work is completed.

I have given some popular freelancer site below, by visiting the website, by signing up,You can start earning money.

This is three popular freelancing site on which you can earn money by working.

Note – To earn money in all these ways, it is very important to have a bank account and paypal account, you will get the payment in your bank or your paypal account.

5. eBook Writing

If you have a lot of knowledge of any field, then you create an ebook.

ebook means pdf file.

You can create an ebook and sell it to eBook.


Where do we sell our eBook?

Instamojo is the best platform to sell ebook??

Go to the website of Create an account, enter your bank account number.

Then you add your ebook to Instamajo, set the price of the ebook, write the description of the ebook.

6 Best Ways To Make Money Online - Digital Me Help

After adding an ebook, you have to copy the link to that ebook, and share the link to that eBook everywhere.

As soon as a person will buy an ebook from the link given to you, in the same way your ebook money will come in your Instamajo account.
Then you can take money from Instamojo account to your bank account.

6. Online paid Surveys

What is Online paid Surveys ??
There are some Surveys companies in it, who usually pay them money for opinions or views of internet users about famous products and services.


I would advise you to consider this online paid surveys method as the last way to earn money if possible, because There are many scams involved with paid surveys.
And finding a good online paid Surveys site is also a bit difficult.

Here our article ends, hope you like our article, if you have got a little help from this article, then share this article everywhere.

Arun Pandey

I am the owner of this blog, my name is Amit Rathore, if you liked this blog then do not forget to share it, if you want my help in any kind of blogging, please contact me.

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