Top 10 Must Use Chrome Extensions For Bloggers [Save Your Time]

Top 10 Must Use Chrome Extensions For Bloggers [Save Your Time]

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Hi digital Learners, In today’s article, we will know about the top 10 Google Chrome extensions For Bloggers, if you are a blogger or digital marketer, then that you must use this Chrome extension.

Top 10 Must Use Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers [Save Your Time]

I Like the Chrome extension because it makes your daily life easier if you are a blogger or digital marketer.

Top 10 Must Use Chrome Extensions For Bloggers [Save Your Time #SEO #Extension #chrome #blogger @amitrathod28

And the other advantage of the Chrome extension is that this Chrome extension makes your hour work in a few minutes.

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Now we start the article without wasting time.

Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers.

1. Grammarly

The first Chrome extension I like is Grammarly. If there is any grammatical mistake in your blog article, Grammarly Chrome Extension will immediately tell you that there is a mistake in your article, please fix it soon.


With the help of Grammarly Chrome Extension, you can write an effective article without any Grammatical mistakes.

My grammar is not good enough so I am using the Grammarly Chrome extension, are you using the Grammarly Chrome extension?
If you are not using Grammarly Chrome extension, immediately start using the Grammarly Chrome extension because this Chrome extension is free.

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So as Blogger, you can be sure that you are publishing spelling and grammar-free information and text on all these sites.

This Is A Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers.

2. MOZ bar

This Is A Great Chrome Extensions For Bloggers.

With the Mozbar Chrome extension, you can know the DA and PA of your blog and your competitor’s blog, as mentioned in the photo below.
you can know more details of your competitor such as page title, Meta description, Meta keywords, Page Load time, IP address, technical SEO, backlinks and much more.


I would advise you to use Moz chrome extension, it is a free chrome extension.

3. WMS Everywhere


Basically WMS Everywhere is an alternative Of keyword everywhere, with the help of WMS everywhere Chrome extension you can see the monthly searches of keywords, and the CPC of that keyword.


And the important thing is that you will find many more keywords related to the keyword that you have searched on Google.

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4. SimilarWeb

The next extension is SimilarWeb


SimilarWeb Chrome extension is an analysis Chrome extension, with the help of This Chrome extension, you can know the bounce rate, Global rank, country rank, monthly traffic, pages per visit, of any website.
This Chrome extension is a type of free competitive research extension.


5. SEOquake Chrome Extension

The next extension, SEOquake.


SEOquake is an SEO Analytics Chrome extension that helps you find the number of internal and external backlinks, keyword density, Alexa rank, and many other things.

Whenever I visit any website, I use this Chrome extension to check the complete statistics of any website.


This extension is a type of SEO tool, and this extension gives us 80% data of any keyword, and you can also compare your competing URLs. It also helps you Details of any website using the SEMrush tool.

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6. SEO META in 1 Click

I love very much this Chrome extension.


Next extension, SEO META in 1 click. You can see tags of any website like H1, H2, H3, how many pictures are there on that website, total tags, and title, the total number of links, internal and external links, and more.

7. Awesome Screen Shot & Screen Recorder

Next extension, Awesome Screen Shot & Screen Recorder.
I also like this extension.


With the help of the “Awesome Screen Shot & Screen Recorder” Chrome extension, you can take powerful screen videos and powerful screenshots and that too with high-quality & screenshot editing.

8. AdBlock

The next extension is AdBlock.


Whenever I go to any Youtube video, I see a lot of ads and I have trouble watching the video, so I use the AdBlock Chrome extension, it allows all third-party ads with the help of the Chrome extension Blocks. And I can watch the video properly.

If you also do not like these third party ads then you too can use this AdBlock Chrome extension like me.

9 ) – MailTrack

The next extension is MailTrack.


If you are a blogger or digital marketer then you will know how important email marketing is for us.

You can find out who opened and read your email by using the MailTrack Chrome extension.


MailTrack provides you with daily tracking reports, reminders, line tracking, and many other excellent features.


With the help of this GMASS Chrome extension, you can send a lot of emails in just one click.


With the help of this GMASS Chrome extension, you can send 500 emails in a day.



I hope you like these extensions.

There are thousands of Chrome extensions available on the Chrome Webstore for every task, these are one of the favorite Chrome extensions that I use and recommend you to use.

If you know of a good Chrome extension, then do let me know in the comments

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