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Increase Blog Traffic 2020: 12 Crazy Strategy

Last Updated on 19 September,2020 by Arun Pandey

Is your blog getting good traffic?

If your answer is “NO”, then this article has been written for you, in this article, I will tell you some strategy that I use myself.


I will tell you some strategies that by using this you can save your time and also increase blog traffic in less time.

Let’s start our article without wasting time.

12 Crazy Strategy To Increase Blog Traffic

1: Implement Great Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today, if you do not understand basic SEO, you are losing targeted traffic.


learn basic about SEO, so that you engage in the right kind of traffic strategies and increase blog traffic.

Basic On-SEO Tips: Implement This Tips On Your Blog

  • Add Your Targeted Keywords On Your ALT Image Text.
  • Add Your Targeted Keywords On Your Article Title & Permalink.
  • Add your target keyword to the first 100 words of your article.
  • Keep the density of your targeted keyword at least 1 or 1.5. No stuffing is required.
  • Be sure to add a link to your other article in your article, so that the user can read your article as well.This is called interlinking.
  • It is very important to have a mixture of Do-follow and No-follow links in your article.

You can use SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and Rankmath to understand these tips properly. These plugins are FREE.

Basic Off-SEO Tips: Implement This Tips On Your Blog

You have to comment on other blogs related to your blog so that your backlink can increase, but remember one thing of mine that the backlink comment you are making through it will be your no-follow backlinks.

If you want to get more traffic to your blog then you have to create dofollow backlinks.

Increase Blog Traffic 2020: 12 Crazy Strategy
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Some ways to make high-quality backlinks

  • Post guest (the best and efficient way to make high-quality backlinks).
  • Join forums according to your blog’s niche and participate in different questions.
  • Use social bookmarking websites such as Pinterest, Reddit Etc.
  • Use social media to create backlinks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

good way to increase blog traffic.

2: Facebook Group Marketing

This is a great way to help you with your branding and increase Blog traffic. You can increase blog traffic using a Facebook group, several bloggers have a Facebook group, and their Facebook group share exciting facts, SEO Tips, and stay attached to their readers.

You can Increase blog traffic using Facebook groups in the following steps:

  • Join other related Facebook groups and share your article there.
  • Create your Facebook group and help people with your blog article.
  • Promote Your blogs with other your niche related Facebook groups.
  • Frequently asked questions in the group and get your group super active.

this is the most popular way to increase blog traffic.

3: Answer & Questions on Quora

Quora is the best way to increase Blog traffic. Answer the questions on this Quora platform and link the right article for your blog on This website.


Although, do not use this platform for spam. Otherwise, you will be Block.

Quora is a great place where people are asking about your niche of ​​expertise.

I use Quora to increase blog traffic and do big bloggers use Quora to increase blog traffic. (Follow Me On Quora)

The number of active users on quora every month is more than 400M.

This is the best way to increase blog traffic.

4: Create A Free Online Course Or FREE eBook

Creating a free course is the best way to increase blog traffic.

People like free things very much, so you create a free ebook or a 7-day free course and share it with people.

The photo below is from our blog.


Those people with whom you share your free course or free eBook, tell them that if you want this free eBook, then you enter your email address so that I can Send this free eBook with you.

There are two advantages of creating a free online course, one will let the user know about your blog and the other will increase your email subscribers. You can use the free platform Mailchimp to use email marketing.


If you are an old reader of DMH then you will know that the signup form in our blog is made of Mailchimp.

Make sure the free course you are creating is quality.

This is the another great way to increase blog traffic.

5: Blog Content

It is good to have in-depth content, but keep in mind that you are no losing Content. Remember My one thing. “Content is not king. Content is the whole empire.”

If you actually want to increase blog traffic, the first thing is to have your content be the greatest. Creating Great content is not just about the quality of Your article. It also involves being more strategic with your content marketing.

Do keyword research into Google Keyword Planner (It’s FREE Tool). Look at your opponent what they are doing and what you can do to get more traffic on them. Examine and identify what their pain points are and try to solve them into your content.

I am asking you to write excellent content because “Blog have be ranked as the 5th most reliable source for genuine online information”. According to one record “45% of marketers say blogging is the first most powerful part of their content strategy.”

The content of your blog will be good only then the audience will read and share your content and only then the increase blog traffic.

6: Be consistent

Consistency is one of the Great keys you can use to unlock the opportunity for more readers. If you write a blog post and then pause for a couple of weeks. I mean why won’t anyone attend the website that has not been updated for the last two weeks.

Remember one thing that Consistency beats Talent.

Researches show that the more regularly you update your blog, the larger traffic you will get. Google gives high superiority to websites with pure content, so if you want to get more improvement from search engines, update your blog at least two weeks.

7: Online advertising

If there is no traffic to your website at all, then you can generate traffic instantly using online advertising.

Also, with a new advertising and social media platform, it is becoming easier than ever to appear regularly and get your ads in front of the right people.

In truth, the effectiveness of online advertisement is so great that, in the UK, digital advertising spending grew by 13.4% in 2015 corresponding to 2014.

Remember – while running an advertisement campaign, traffic means nothing if you cannot profit from your blog or website.

You can advertise your blog by using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Quora, Twitter, and LinkedIn for your advertisement.

My advice: If you want to get traffic to your blog through online ads, then you use Facebook ads.

Don’t Overlook This Opportunity

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One thing must be kept in mind while running ads, you do not need to spend a lot of money in advertising, first, you only spend $5 per day, if you benefit from this online ads then you can run other ads too.

8: Decrease Load-Time

Did you realize that the excellent time to load any website is 2 to 3 seconds? If the load-time is more than 3 seconds, then our website visitors can reduce it by 30%.

Sometimes we involve over-sized pictures in our posts or install several hated plugins.

At, due to many other reasons, the load-time of our website increases, due to which the traffic possibilities also decrease.

To this, we should uninstall all additional plugins and optimize pictures for websites with the help of picresize.

Quick tips to improve website or blog loading speed:

  • Resize Your Blog Image using picresize website
  • Keep only Helpful plugins
  • Using Caching Plugins Like wp-rocket, w3 total cache, etc.
  • Use the best web hosting

9: Improve CTR

Write Attractive titles: The title is the greatest thing to improve the CTR rate. Therefore you have to write titles that are able to attract the user’s awareness.

For better action, be sure to enter focus keywords, and also use powerful words such as awesome, amazing, best, crazy, etc., that capture user attention at once.

Pro Advise: Make sure the title suits the content within the blog content.

Write Useful meta description: The meta description is a brief summary explaining to both users and search engines what they will gain once they approach the website.

If you work on it, this is a great opportunity to increase the CTR rate.

Write descriptive URLs: The URL also appears in the search results for the user query.

Have a User-friendly representative URL that explains what the user should suspect when they click on the link.

Include a Focus keyword, if possible avoid using stop words such as on, off, a, etc.

10: Build relationships with other bloggers

This often-overlooked strategy can increase blog traffic. Create a Blog list in your Niche related blog. Big and small.

Then get the contact information of the admin of these blogs.

You will find the contact email address of any blog. in the contact us page of that blog.

Once you have all the information, start to touch out to them.

Example Email Below.

Hey [Reciver Name],

My Name is [Your Name] and I’m a big fan of your blog. I read your recent post [Link of the post] and was confused about [insert some question related to the article].

The article was very enlightening.

Also, your blog has some really awesome articles and I really wanted to connect with you and get to know you more.

It’s Great to attach with fabulous bloggers like you.

Anyways thanks for such awesome articles and I hope you keep touching out awesome content.


[Your Name].

Now, personalization is the key to strong outreach. The more special your email, the more beneficial reply you get.

this is the most effective way to increase blog traffic.

11: Create And Share High-Quality Infographics

People love infographics so always create high-quality infographics and share them in your blog.

If you are a designer or can find one online, create helpful graphics that tell a story and encourage people to observe your content in a different way.

Producing high-quality content infographics also increases Your Blog CTR.

This Is a new way to increase blog traffic

12: Reddit

Reddit is a Great social network.

Everyone should begin using Reddit because it has the longest number of Unique visitors. search focus keywords in the subreddit search box and select some suitable subreddits that have at least several numbers of members.


Do not just post your links, it is of no value, As a beginner, the effective strategy is to first join the subreddit and post to that subreddit.
Whenever you post in Subreddit, always remember the 8:2 formula in your mind.

8:2 formula Says: You can post 8 times without giving a link to your article and 2 times you can add a link to your blog.

This 8:2 formula applies in Quora, online forums, if you add your article link or affiliate link to every answer without keeping the 8:2 formula in your mind, your readers feel that this person is spamming.

So Always Use 8:2 formula on social media.

Bonus: Here are amazing tools that I use and they may be useful for you as strongly. The most satisfying part is most of these tools are completely free.

  • Canva: To Graphics design
  • SEMrush: Spy Your Competitors & Find profitable keywords
  • Buzzsumo: Get the most shared content on social media.
  • Grammarly: For grammar and spelling check
  • Hemingway: For better readability
  • plagiarism detector: Check plagiarism in your article.

After writing so much, I am guessing that now you probably will not have any questions about this increase blog traffic?

If you have any questions you want to ask us, then you can ask us by commenting, we will be happy to answer your questions.

If you want to learn blogging and affiliate marketing up to advanced level, then fill-up the form below.

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