You are currently viewing Best 10 Crazy DoFollow Forums List: Boost Your Backlinks

Best 10 Crazy DoFollow Forums List: Boost Your Backlinks

Last Updated on 8 September,2020 by Arun Pandey

Hi Digital Learners, today in this article, I am going to tell you about DoFollow Forums, with the help of Forums you can create backlinks for your website and backlinks also increases your website traffic.

The DoFollow forums I am going to tell you is that the DA and PA of the forum is very high, so you will get high rate backlinks,

In the forum, everyone asks questions and people like us answer that question, and finally, we provide a link to our article or our blog so that direct traffic from the forum comes to our website.

Best 10 Crazy DoFollow Forums List: Boost Your Backlinks
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But there are many forums that do not allow us to add links and as soon as we add an illegitimate link, these forums immediately block our account, so whenever you add your link in Answer, then you Have to remember the formula of 8:2.


The formula of 8: 2 tells us that you can help everyone without adding link 8 times and 2 times you can add an affiliate link or blog link.

Pro Tip: Put your article’s link as a signature, so that every time you comment on any thread, it will be visible everywhere.

Dofollow Forums List Table

DoFollow Forums List
Joomla Forum
Mysql Forum
CNET Forum
Digital point Forum
Warrior forum
Site Point Forum
Geek Village Forum
File Sharing Forum

After writing so much, I am guessing that now you probably will not have any questions about this DoFollow Forums List?

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