Find Your Great Domain Name In 4 Steps

Find Your Great Domain Name In 4 Steps

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Hi Digital Learners, In today’s article, we will learn how to find the best domain name for our blog.

I know that you are very excited to read this article.

But as always, I give my little introduction.

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My name is Amit Rathod – Founder of

Come back to our topic.

Friends, first we know what a domain name is?

What is the domain name?

Domain name means our website name, meaning our website name is, so it is our domain name.

And you always have to use the TLD domain extension.

What is the TLD domain extension?

TLD Domain Meaning – Top Level Domain

.Com, .In, .Org, .Net,, .in are all called TLD domain extension, Using it improves your website’s impression.

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If you want to rank your website in India, then you can use a domain extension like .in,

If you want to rank your website globally, you can use domain extensions like .com, .org, .net.

There are 3 ways to find the domain name.

3 way to find the great domain name

Put the name of the blog on your name.
Example – My name is Amit Rathod, then I will name my blog or

  • The second way to name your blog is to keep the domain name related to the topic of your blog.

Example – Our blog is related to digital marketing, SEO and blogging, that’s why we have named our blog,

Find Your Great Domain Name In 4 Steps #digitalmehelp @amitrathod28 #domain #digitalmarketing #bloggingtips

The keyword in our blog has gone digital, hence it is called the Topic related domain name.

Example – If your blog is on nutrition then you name your blog or

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I would suggest you keep the name of your domain related to your topic.

  • The third way to name your blog is to name your blog as a brand.

Example –, is all according to the domain name brand.

I hope you understand how domain names think.

We talk about how to find the best domain name.

How to Find Great Domain Name?

Follow the steps given below to find the best domain name.

Step 1) – Search the lean domain name in Google, click on the link of lean domain name website.

Step 2) – After clicking on the link, you will reach the interface given below.


Step 3) – Now you have to enter your favorite word here.

As my favorite word is SEO,
That is why I search for SEO.

Step 4) – After doing SEO search, I will get many domain names related to SEO in front of me.

As mentioned in the photo below.


Click on your favorite domain and buy the domain.


Now you can buy your favorite domain from them, such as Godaddy, NameCheap, and also from many domain provider websites, and you can also buy this domain from the lean domain search website.

Now I finish our article “looking for a Lean domain name here”, if you have any question, you can ask me by commenting in the comment box, I will definitely answer your question.

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