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New 16 FREE Ways To Increase Traffic To Your New Blog

Last Updated on 13 September,2020 by Arun Pandey

Is your blog not getting traffic?

If the answer to my question is yes, then you are reading the right article because, in this article, I am going to share with you a lot of blog traffic-related secrets, I will tell you a lot of methods of Increase traffic, if you use this method then your Blogs definitely increase traffic.

Often new bloggers create their own blog, but due to lack of Increase traffic, they get frustrated and close their blog or stop posting articles on their blog, if your blog has been 7-8 months and Still there is little or no traffic on the blog, so you must read this post.


I know you are very excited to read this post, we will not waste our time in introductions, let’s start our article immediately.

16 FREE Ways To Increase Traffic To Your New Blog

16. Power of Mention: Best Way To Increase Blog Traffic

Using this method you can increase traffic to your blog, to use this method, follow the steps given below

STEP 1: Find bloggers related to the niche of your blog, find blogger who has at least 1000 followers.

STEP 2: Mention 3 or 4 bloggers in your article and also provide do-follow backlinks.

STEP 3: Just mail the bloggers that you have mentioned in your article and tell them.

Here is a perfect email template for it.

Subject: I linked to you from my article],

Hey [Name],

I’m [your name] founder of [your website name]

Just a quick email to let you know that I linked to you from my latest article.

here’s the link,
(add your article link here)

Please check it and if you find this article helpful then share it with your audience.

Yore New Friends,
Regards, your name]

Trust me, after sending this email they will definitely share your article with their audience.

It means that you’ll get a good amount of traffic.

15. Click To Tweet: Popular Way To Increase Traffic

With the help of Click To Tweet feature, you can increase traffic to your blog, whenever a user likes your post, the user can tweet your post by clicking on Click To Tweet.

To understand well, you can see the Click to tweet given below.

7 FREE Ways To Increase Traffic To Your New Blog
#digitalmehelp #traffic #increase @amitrathod28 #blogtraffic #blogging

To add the Click To Tweet feature to your post, a plugin named Ultimate Blocks will help you.

14. Increase Traffic from Interview

Yes, you can drive big bloggers audiences to your blog.

Ask how ??

You just follow the steps given below

Step 1: Find bloggers related to the niche of your blog find bloggers who have at least 1000 followers.

Step 2: Find the bloggers email address, you will get the email address from contact us page

Step 3: Send interview request & ask them if they are ready for interview or not

Step 4: If those bloggers are ready for your interview, then you prepare 10 to 12 questions and mail them the DOCS file.


STEP 5: Then after 2 or 4 days you will get answers to the interview questions you have given, then you publish them on your blog and tell that blogger that I have published your interview on my blog, please check it.

They will defiantly share their interview with their audience. and you’ll get a good amount of traffic.

I hope that you understood this method.

13. Proper Keyword Research

Types Of Keywords

  • Short tail
  • Middle tail
  • Long-tail

Please Read This Full Article

12. Convert your Audience into subscribers: New idea to increase traffic

You can collect emails from users who are coming to your blog, your help will convertkit in collecting email.

If 100 traffic of the day arrives on your blog and 10 users Fill up the sign-up form on your blog.

Meaning that every day 10 out of 100 users sign up form on your blog.

  • 1 day = 10 subscribers
  • 10 days = 100 subscribers
  • 30 days = 300 subscribers
  • 375 days = 3450 subscribers

Within one year, you’ll get approx 4000 subscribers.

It means you that after publishing your article you only need to send one email and you’ll get huge traffic.

Convert your Audience into subscribers.

STEP 1: Signup for ConvertKit. It’s FREE

STEP 2: Create Your Own Free ebook or video course.

STEP 3: Now, promote it everywhere on your site (using exit-intent popup), Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc. to get more subscribers.

11. Social sharing

Social sharing is a bit old way to Increase traffic to your blog but still, this method can prove to be effective in increase traffic in your blog.

  • Create a Facebook page related to the topic on which your Blog is on, and join the Facebook group of 10-15 related to the same topic, and the content you share on your blog, the same way you can share your content on the Facebook page & groups, this method giving you a targeted audience for your blog,

example: you Can Join fitness groups, and you can get people related to fitness, this can give you a lot of traffic.

  • There are many image hosting sites on the internet where you can create a backlink by uploading photos and also get good traffic, the popular image website is

Reddit: Reddit is another great source for getting traffic.

You can search for the best subreddits related to your niche and start promoting your blog posts in those subreddits.

And you can share your blog on many more social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, and more.

10. High-quality Content

Remember my one thing, “content is not king, content is the Whole empire.” if your content is not strong, no one will read your article, so it is very important to be content is valuable.

You have to write quality content on your blog that is helpful to your user and after reading your article, there is no need to go to another blog and read the article.

Search engines like Google and Bing give more importance to high-quality content and show it at the top of search results.


If you write low-quality content then the user will not read your content and will leave your blog quickly and your bounce rate will also increase, because due to an increase in bounce rate, Google will feel that your content is not strong, so Google is not rank your content Quickly.

How to write high-quality content?

  • On the topic on which you are writing an article, you should first do thorough research on that topic and then write the content.
  • Never write half-finished content, write content in full depth so that all doubts of the user are cleared.
  • Always write content in short paragraphs so that the user does not have difficulty reading.
  • You write long content, but when writing long content, do not write content that the user does not like and make your content boring to read.
  • You write user-friendly and SEO friendly content

9. Make your article’s title attractive

Make your article title attractive and you can must add your focus keywords on your title, If the title of your article is not good, then no user will click on your post and not read the article.

You should keep your title in such a way that the user knows what you said in your post.

You should not write more than 40 – 50 characters for the title of your article, if you write more than this, it does not appear in the search result.

8. Blog Loading Speed

Now comes blog loading speed. Make your blog as fast-loading as possible. The sooner your blog opens, Google will give your blog a better ranking,

Themes and bad plugins can cause your blog to slow down, so you always use good themes like GeneratePress, Oceanwp, and Astra.

7. On-Page SEO

If you want to rank your blog in google, then you have to do it properly On-Page SEO. which includes the following things:

  • Blog design
  • Include keywords correctly
  • Setting meta title well
  • Write meta description correctly
  • Writing a post with search engines in mind
  • Internal linking
  • External linking
  • Blog Images SEO Friendly
  • alt image

If you use wordpress then I would recommend you install RankMath and Yoast SEO plugin. This makes your work much easier.

6. Off-page SEO

In the off-page seo, we follow the following steps

  • Use social media to drive traffic to your blog
  • Using forums
  • Increase blog traffic by creating high-quality backlinks
  • Creating your profile on social bookmarking
  • Commenting on another’s blog
  • question and answer
  • Ping your blog
  • Submitting your blog to the blog submission directory list

Must Read:
1) Top 10 ping submission site list
2) 50+ Blog Directory submission list

5. Regular articles published

Publish a regular article on your website so that users come to your website and read your new posts.

If you publish a regular article, then direct traffic to your website will also increase, and due to which Google will feel that there is good content on your website, so people come to this website and read the article.

You have to publish 2-3 articles in a week.

4. Create a YouTube Channel

After Google, the most popular platform is YouTube. Users search on YouTube and watch additional YouTube videos from Google to find a solution to their problem.

Don’t Overlook This Oppuchunity

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To Increase traffic to your blog post from YouTube, you create a Youtube channel according to the topic of your Blog Niche and put it on YouTube and give the URL of your post in the description of the video that will bring traffic to your blog post.

You can also make money by creating YouTube videos from YouTube, you can make money from your blog and YouTube in two ways.

3. Older Post Updates

You have to update your old post and after updating the post, you have to index the URL of the post in Google search console.
While updating the post, you also insert a new photo and video with the content and in this way, your old post will get updated and become new.

You should also put your YouTube video in your blog post, which will also bring traffic to your YouTube video.

2. Join the QNA website: Best Way To Increase Traffic

You can get 20-30% traffic to your blog from the QNA website, by Joining the QNA website you can answer the user’s question and also provide a link to your post so that the user comes to your blog post.

But there are many QNA websites that do not allow us to add links and as soon as we add an illegitimate link, these websites immediately block our account, so whenever you add your link in Your Answer, Then you have to remember the formula of 8: 2.

The 8: 2 formula tells us that you can help everyone without linking 8 times and 2 times you can add an affiliate link or blog link.

Pro tip: keep the link to your article as a signature, so that every time you comment on any thread, it will appear everywhere.

You can increase traffic of your blog by joining the QNA website given below.

  • Quora
  • Mind the book
  • Yahoo! answer
  • Linkedin

I use Quora to increase traffic to my blog

1. Join forums

Forums are a great way to Increase Traffic to your blog. You can join forums related to your blog niche.

Let’s say you started a blog about “Blogging.”

So we’ll go to Google and do a search – Blogging Forum

This will give you a lot of forums, which are talking about blogging. There are good things about forums, they are very active and there is a lot of information related to your niche.

Now you can participate in various questions asked in that forum and promote your blog.

Advanced tip: Keep a link to your article as a signature, so that every time you comment on any thread, it will appear everywhere.

Note: The same 8: 2 formula will also be applied here.

Top 10 DoFollow Forums List

After writing so much, I am guessing that now you probably will not have any questions about this Increase Traffic To Your New Blog?

If you have any questions you want to ask us, then you can ask us by commenting, we will be happy to answer your questions.

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