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How To Get Google Featured Snippets On Our Content: 11 Easy Tips

Last Updated on 16 September,2020 by Arun Pandey

Do you want to get Get Google Featured Snippets for your blog content in Google? If yes, then this complete guide is For you.

Getting the first position on Google is tough, But not impossible.

Google Featured snippets provide a chance to defeat competitors, increase conversions, and push the right traffic to our site.


In this article, we will explain what Google featured snippets are, what are their benefits for SEO, and how to optimize for them. let’s get started without wasting time.

What is a Google featured snippets?

A Google featured snippets appears as a block that includes the correct answer to your question. It’s marked just above the first organic search result, which is why it is termed “position 0.”

Let’s suppose we do a Google search on “My PC Not Working”. Here is a screenshot of the Google featured snippets for this question:


Are you interested to know how to get these snippet boxes from Google for your blog or website content? Okay, you’re in the correct station then.

Snippets in particular give people’s search more relaxed because immediately you get your right answer. Google Find Best answers from a website and offers it in a snippet.

Ahrefs studied 2 million google featured snippets and according to Ahrefs Search results have google featured snippets of 12.29 percent of search queries.99.58% of google featured snippets are already in the top 10 positions on Google. Only 30.9% featured snippets rank at the extremely top position in organic results.

Types of google featured snippets

There are three main types of google featured snippets:

  • Paragraph
  • List
  • Table

At it appears to google featured snippets in paragraph style, Google provides the searcher an answer in the text rather than a list. The text can be followed by an image, such as:


Snippets displayed in the list style give a solution in the list order. Here’s Example.


The table snippet looks like the photo below.


Benefits of Google featured snippets

1. Boost Traffic for your website
They can boost your Blog/Website search traffic. According to research conducted by Search Engine Land, they can definitely help a Blog/Website ranking in search results to go higher.

2. Your website’s trust increases
most popular websites with snippets are great-known giants like Wikipedia, Quora, Amazon, or Dictionary google featured snippets have people using them for trustworthy sources.

3. Increase User Experience
Your target readers get immediate answers to their questions, so the user will like your website.

4. Optimized for Voice Search
The use of voice search assistants may increase by 50% in the future. Like, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant.

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5. boost your website conversion rate
If your content has come in the Google featured snippet, that means more traffic will come to your website, the conversion rate of your website will also increase due to more traffic.

How to Get Google Featured Snippets In 2020

1. Use SEMrush to find competitors’ snippets

SEMrush is a large analytics resource, however, did you know that you can similarly use the tool to get featured snippets?

You can utilize this to find out which snippets your opponents have won.

You can see the following two pictures of SEMrush properly so that you will understand everything well.


Click on the “Featured Snippet” at the bottom of the page.


Then, once you understand which snippets your contestants are Running now, then you can optimize your content for the same Target Keywords and topics.

the most efficient way to receive featured snippets for your content is to search for keywords for which your contestants are already appearing in the snippet box.

When reviewing your own snippet, be certain to keep an eye on changes from other keywords that you can rank as well.

2. Use headers Tags

An easy way to have content for featured snippets is to create header tags.
To do this use the “header tag” section in WordPress.


make sure to format your Blog post in sequential order, so that Google is more likely to attribute it.

header tags play an important role in increasing your keyword ranking. The most important points here are to use and optimize your primary and secondary keywords using header tags.

3. Write “How to” posts

After reading a lot of tutorials about Google’s Featured snippets and seeing the genuine results, what I’ve noticed is that Google usually shows featured snippets for “how to” questions.

Provide informative, honest, and humble answers through your content.

many websites/Blogs are building complete Content on their sites especially to answer their reader’s questions.

If you do not want to create a “how-to” section, then you can create the FAQ section.

The FAQ can include answers to frequently asked questions. Use High-quality pictures and videos can increase your chances of ranking featured snippets.

4. See results in the “Ask People” box

Researching keywords is especially effective, but be sure to check the “Ask People” section. Many times you will find this section under a featured snippet.


This easy way increases your chances of getting your content into Google Featured Snippet.

5. Stop using specific symbols

Do not use 1) or # 1 etc. at the title level.
We usually use #1 in our subheadings such as H2, and H3.

6. Search for all the necessary questions that your target readers are searching for.

Google often gives Featured snippets box for Primary Queries. Queries such as “how to start a blog”, “how to Become Engineer”, are usually answered directly by Google from a web page (URL added for detailed understanding).

The more you understand the basics of your profession, the more genuine opportunities you will get in getting a Google Featured snippet box on the search results.

Mindfulness Tips: Pay attention to the usual basic queries in your area. For example, if you are working a Digital Marketing blog, “how to start a blog”, “what is digital marketing” may be the usual Queries.

7. Add high-quality images and video

Most people like to see images, which is why images and videos can improve your rank for featured snippets.

It will not be difficult to add pictures at each stage. I tell you that Canva is an excellent tool to design your own images.


Upload your own photos or make a photo using a Canva. Then, select free sizes, icons, and more.

According to research, 59% of the officials believe that people prefer to watch videos with text.

8. Start using power words in your titles

Do you know that you can get more clicks for your content by using “power words”.

Power words improve to make your title more attractive and clickable. Here is a list of remarkable of the strong passionate words you can use in your titles to improve your CTR (click-through rates).

  • Favorite
  • Easily
  • Helpful
  • How to
  • Ultimate
  • Exclusive
  • Recommended
  • Competitive
  • Mammoth

9. Implement star ratings for your article.

the useful ways to improve your website CTR (click-through rates) is to get star ratings to your content, as they are unique and help you differentiate your results suited to your competitors.

We can add star ratings to our blog posts using the methods below.

Implement Schema Markup

Step 1: Go to Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper tool


Step 2: Simply select the kind of data you think to markup (such as articles, book reviews, products, etc.).

Step 3: In this step, highlight and choose the type of components to be marked.


Step 4: After tagging the items, you should now generate HTML which is the last step of markup.

Structured-Data-Markup-Helper (1)

Step 5: After HTML is Create, use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to find excuses for how your page will look by the added markup.

Use WordPress Plugins (Easiest Way)

  1. WP Product Review Lite
  2. Ultimate Reviews
  3. Rich Reviews
  4. WP Review
  5. Review incentives Tip 10: Follow optimal word count

According to SEMrush Research over 10 million keywords and 1 million domains and did a helpful search: the most features snippets are 40–50 words in length.

you should try not to exceed 50 words each and not less than 40 words.

11. A helpful checklist for preparing Google answer box

  • Use a well-known language. Do not use nonsense words when creating content.
  • How to make posts around them
  • Answer the question directly.
  • List all the primary queries that your target readers can type on Google.
  • The long-form of content constantly ranks well in Google.

Premium Tip: consider building in-depth Content

Most of the great things I noticed after examining the hundreds of articles that get a Featured Snippets box on Google are truly detailed articles.

I say that you can effortlessly get Google Featured snippets box by constantly creating high-quality articles of 2000 words, and you will have bigger chances of flying ranking in Google search results.

Constantly focus on providing your readers with the best expertise with your design, content, and overall user experience. If you concentrate on your blog readers, So Google will take good care of you.


1. Are featured snippets paid?

Ans: No, the Google featured snippet is not paid, if your content is long and quality and you have done keyword research well, Google will show your content in an automated Google featured snippet if someone is running ads on that keyword, Will appear before your content.

2. Do we get google featured snippet on the newbie website?

Ans: Of course, you also get google featured snippet in the newbie website if you do keyword research and spy on your competitor well, and your content should be at least 2000 words.

3. Do these “Google featured snippets” boost traffic?

Ans: The Google featured snippet definitely boosts traffic to your website. And as traffic increases, the brand awareness and conversion rate of your website also increase.

4. Is it difficult to get Google featured snippet?

Ans: Yes it is definitely difficult to get Google featured snippet but not impossible, follow the steps I have mentioned in this article, you will definitely get Google featured snippet

Final Thoughts

Attempting to keep up with Google can be completely tiring.

But it seems that the featured snippets are not moving anywhere. but In fact, they are growing. This means that pages with featured snippets are managing search queries.

Getting a featured snippet means that you rank for position zero, which is the top-ranking place without advertisement.

If you want to increase conversions, push visitors to your website, and beat your competition efficiently, The Google featured snippets is the answer.

Have you found this complete guide on the Google Featured Snippets box useful? If yes, please think about sharing it with others.

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