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After Research I Find Top 10 Most Useful WordPress Plugins [August 2020 Edition]

Last Updated on 22 August,2020 by Arun Pandey

Hi Digital Learners, in today’s article we will talk about the Top 10 Popular & Most Powerful WordPress plugins, and you should use this WordPress plugin.

Now that you have created a WordPress blog, you will also need much more Helpful WordPress plugin to design that blog well and write a good user and SEO friendly article, you will know that the WordPress plugin makes our blog attractive is.


There are many plugins available on WordPress, but it is a little difficult to choose which plugin is the best for our blog, so you do not have trouble so DMH has brought you the list of Top 10 Most Useful WordPress Plugins of All Time (Based on Data)

We start our article without wasting time.

10 Most Useful WordPress Plugins of All Time (Based on Data).

1) Rankmath SEO Plugin


Rankmath is a WordPress SEO plugin with the help of which you can make your article SEO friendly. and you can rank your blog quickly on google.

Rankmath WordPress SEO Plugin has many advantages such as, if 404 error is Coming for one of your posts, then Rankmath WordPress SEO plugin alerts you immediately, then you can redirect your 404 error post to another post.

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Rankmath is an on-page SEO plugin with the help of which you can optimize your blog well.

Now I show you by installing Rankmath plugin, then you have to use the same process to install any plugin.

Login WordPress Dashboard

On the left side, there will be an option called a plugin, Hower on it, click on add new option and search Rankmath, then install and activate, this is the process you have to use to install and activate all plugins.


I would advise you to use the Rankmath SEO plugin, and this plugin is absolutely free.

2) WP-Rocket


If you do not know, then let me tell you that with the help of the WP-Rocket Caching WordPress plugin you can increase the loading speed of your WordPress blog, and you will be surprised to know that popular web hosting companies like Bluehost and Kinsta Is Using The WP-Rocket Caching WordPress Plugin. and DMH means, I am also using the WP-Rocket Cashing WordPress plugin.

WP-Rocket is a caching plugin, and this plugin is not free.

WP-Rocket caching plugin costs $49, and this investment is one time.

The WP -Rocket caching plugin has over 1,187,000+ active users,

With the help of The WP -Rocket Cashing you can minify unused JavaScript and CSS, and enable CDN[Content Delivery Network], you can also enable caching with the help of WP -Rocket to increase the speed of your blog.

one good news If you buy the hosting of Bluehost with the below-given button, I will give you The WP -Rocket Caching plugin for free, after purchasing the hosting you can send me a screenshot on this email, I will give you The WP -Rocket Caching plugin for free. digital me help at Gmail dot com.

3) Jetpack WordPress Plugin


This is a free plugin that provides you with a lot of conveniences, such as you get a free CDN with Photon, and you can add social sharing buttons to your blog with the help of Jetpack WordPress plugin,

Benefit Of Jetpack WordPress Plugin

  • Free CDN with Photon.
  • Social sharing button with share count number.
  • Show page view.
  • Monitor Downtime – If your blog is going down at any time, Jetpack will immediately alert you that your blog is down.
  • Jetpack also provides you the option of subscribing, with the help of subscribing option, any user can subscribe to your blog and get new notifications of new posts.
  • Create a Sitemap. However, I suggest that you use the Sitemap feature through the RankMath SEO WordPress plugin.
  • You can also add a contact form with the help of the Jetpack plugin so that a user can contact you.

There are many more benefits of the Jetpack plugin, when you use this plugin yourself, you will understand everything.

4) Contact Form 7


The easiest way to create a contact form is to install the Contact Form 7 plugin,

After installing the Contact Form 7 plugin, you get a short code, after copying that short code and pasting it into your contact page, an automatic contact form is created, you can see in the photo below,
If any user contacts you through the contact form 7, then you will get the message on your email from which you installed WordPress,

Note – If you are using the Jetpack plugin, you do not need to use this plugin. You can add a contact form using the Jetpack plugin.

5) Akismet anti-spam


When you start a new blog, you get much more good comment to encourage you, such as “Your blog is very good”, “Thank you for sharing such information”.
But you do not have to be happy with this comment because this comment can be spammy, or one can also comment on your blog to create backlinks, in every comment you need to check the URL and email address so that you know Let the comment be spammy or not.

Akismet plugin automatically deletes spammy comments, and this plugin is free.
You must use this plugin.
Many hosting provider companies provide this plugin by default installing and activating it.

6) Elementor


Elementor is a page builder plugin, with the help of this plugin you can give your blog a good look, and make your blog attractive, this plugin is free and paid too, in the free plan you can not use popups and marketing & other helpful elements, if you have to use many premium elements like popup and marketing, then you have to use Elementor Pro.

If you do not want to waste your time in designing your blog, elementor provides you a lot of free templates, with the help of which you can make your blog attractive in just one click,

Read Depth Review of Elementor & Elementor Pro

7) Google Analytics for WordPress


There is no website or blog that does not use Google Analytics, because with the help of Google Analytics you can know every detail of your blog such as how per day traffic for your blog, And from which country is that traffic coming, how many live active users on your site, you can know everything with the help of Google Analytics,


That’s why MonsterInsights has created a plugin for Google Analytics, with the help of this plugin you can know all the Google Analytics details in your WordPress dashboard, you will not have to go to the official website of Google Analytics, you just copy the tracking code of Google Analytics And paste it into the plugin of MonsterInsights, after doing so you will get all the details of your blog


Broken link down your seo score, so broken link can be harmful to your blog, so you need to fix it by finding the broken link of your blog,

The best plugin to fix a broken link is “Broken Link Checker”. This plugin scans your blog. If there is a broken link in your blog, then this plugin immediately tells you that the link to this article in your blog is broken. So fix it.
You will know, that whenever you publish a WordPress post, you get a pinging comment, this plugin also ignores the pinning comment.

9) WooCommerce


WooCommerce is the most popular and most useful best eCommerce WordPress plugin. This plugin is used by more than 4 million websites, with the help of this plugin you can create a great eCommerce store.

This plugin converts your website into a complete online store and with the help of this plugging, you can sell your customer online products.

The only objective of making this plugin was to sell products online,
You will be surprised to know that with the help of the WooCommerce WordPress plugin you can make your online store look like Amazon, aliexpress.

And this plugin is 100% free

10) OptinMonster


Can you run your blog without collecting user emails? Probably not, if you want to grow your blog or business, then you will have to collect the user’s email.

Well, OptinMonster is a great plugin that helps you collect email.
OptinMonster WordPress plugin has many more benefits such as A / B Testing, conditional pop-ups, geolocation targeting, and many more other features.

This plugin has 1+ Million Active Installations


If you are doing affiliate marketing on your blog, then this plugin will be helpful for you, you will know that the affiliate link you get from the affiliate company is a bit strange that means the affiliate link is long

And the WordPress plugin called “Easy Affiliate Link” makes your affiliate link shorten and attractive.

12) Bonus: Ultimate Block


You can make your article Attractive with the help of the Ultimate block, meaning that you can use premium elements in your article with the help of Ultimate blocks WordPress plugins, such as click to tweet, call to action button, style box, table of contents, and Many other 20 premium elements.

Right now I conclude the article “10 Most Useful WordPress Plugins of All Time (Based on Data)”, if you have any questions, you can ask me in the comments, I will definitely answer your answer.

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