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Best Shopify Dropshipping Guide: In-Depth Tutorial

Last Updated on 28 August,2020 by Arun Pandey

Are you thinking of opening a Shopify Dropshipping Store?

If the answer to my question is “YES” then this article has been written only for you, I have written this article very deep so that you understand everything properly.

First of all, we know that to learn the Shopify Dropshipping Guide (free) and to do Shopify Dropshipping, It is very important to have some basic things.

To do Shopify Dropshipping, you must have the following thing.

  1. Laptop / PC
  2. Internet connection
  3. Domain Name
  4. Enthusiasm to work

If you have these Four things, you can do Shopify Dropshipping business, and earn good money.

Now we know what the meaning of dropshipping is.

What is Shopify dropshipping Course?

Dropshipping is called a type of online business, in this dropshipping business, you have to create an online store, and you can create this online store in 10 minutes with the help of Shopify.

In the dropshipping business, you can earn a lot of money by selling that product at a high price to a customer, without buying any product.

This is called drop shipping in simple language.

How does Shopify Dropshipping work?

You have to import the product to your Shopify store for free from the aliexpress website, with the help of the Shopify oberlo app, and change the price, and sell the product at your Shopify store.

That means the original price of the product on aliexpress is $ 40 dollars, so you can sell that product for as many dollars, if you sell that product for $70 dollars, then you will instantly earn a profit of $30 dollars.

As soon as a user comes to your store and purchases the product, you do not need to do anything, aliexpress company will deliver the product to your customer, you just have to tell aliexpress that this customer has placed an order from my store, You place to order this to them, then aliexpress will deliver that product to your customer

If the customer product has to return, then the problem also manages a website called aliexpress.

This is how Shopify’s dropshipping works.

If you have not understood anything yet, do not take tension, this is a pro-Shopify Dropshipping Guide article. You will understand everything by the end of the article

Benefit Of Shopify Dropshipping.

  • In this business, you do not need to store the product in any Godown or in any shop.
  • If a customer orders from your Shopify store, then that product does not have to be delivered to your customer, the aliexpress website does the work to deliver that product to that customer.
  • Creating a Shopify dropshipping store is very easy.
  • Investment is low and profit is high.
  • I tell you a secret, this Shopify Dropshipping is a kind of e-commerce business – just like Amazon and eBay.

Amazon and eBay sell their own products, and store the products and make money, but in Shopify Dropshipping we have to sell someone else’s products at a higher price and make money.

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Big Benefit Of Shopify Dropshipping Store: If you want to run your online store only in the USA, then you can run it.

Meaning that you can also place global online stores in front of your audience, and by targeting a specific country, you can also place your online store in front of your audience.

If you just want to run the online store business in the USA, sitting in India, then you can run, but the person outside of USA cannot buy that product, Which means if a customer from India wants to buy the product from your website, then that customer will not be able to buy the product from your website.

Because when a customer in India tries to buy a product, he has to choose his country, and he will not see the name of his country, because you have listed only USA products on Shopify.

If you keep your Shopify online store globally in front of your audience, then if your store is seeing someone in India, then the price of the product will appear in Indian Rupees, If someone is watching your product in the USA, then they will see the price of that product in dollars.

This is one of the biggest advantages of Shopify.

Now it is a common thing that a website called Shopify gives you a highly professional online e-commerce store, so it will not be free.

I hope you understand.

Shopify Pricing

Shopify has three plans available.

  1. Basic Shopify ($29/month)
  2. Shopify ($79/month)
  3. Advanced Shopify ($299/month)

Shopify’s free plan is not available, because Shopify gives you a highly professional store.

If you are a beginner then you can use the basic plan of Shopify, this plan will be Comfortable for you.

What will we sell in Shopify?

By the way, you can sell anything in Shopify, which is present on the aliexpress website.

But if you want to run your online store in a professional way using Shopify, an example is given below.

Example – as a company called bata shoes is famous for selling shoes,
A website like Myntra is popular for clothes – similarly, you can increase the popularity of your website on a particular niche by finding a good niche for your website.

Once the popularity of your website increases, it becomes a brand, not a website.

I have given some profitable niche below, on which you can build your online store at Shopify.

  1. Swimming Shoot
  2. Baby Cloth
  3. Watches
  4. Health Care Products
  5. Jewelry
  6. Women Beauty
  7. Electronics Item

You can expand your Shopify dropshipping business by choosing one of these seven niches.

If your mind is a good profitable niche then you can work on that niche too.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shopify.


  • Shopify’s online store is mobile and user friendly – meaning Shopify’s online store fits into any device.
  • It is very easy to add and remove a new product in Shopify.
  • Shopify support – 24 * 7
  • And Shopify SEO (search engine optimization) is friendly.
  • You do not need to get web hosting


Shopify does not give you all the themes for free – only 9 to 10 themes of Shopify are free – if you have to use a high-level theme then you have to pay more money to Shopify.

The Shopify store is not made for free, you have to choose the Shopify plan.

But you can use Shopify 14 day free.

Top Online Shopify Store
…. And Much More

If you want to see a more successful Shopify Online Store, then search for “successful Shopify Online Store” in Google.

Now we learn to create a step-by-step Shopify Online store.

How to create a Shopify Online Store?

First, you click the button below.

As soon as you click on the button, you will get to use 14-day Shopify for free.

shopify dropshipping Guide

Now enter your email address and click on start free trial.

After clicking on start free trial, you will get to the interface shown below, now you set your Shopify store password and Shopify store name and then click on create your store.

shopify dropshipping Guide

Now Shopify will ask you some basic questions, after answering it, you click on Next, if you do not want to answer this question then you can also skip.

shopify dropshipping Guide

Now fill your name, address, and some basic details in this form – and click on enter my store.

shopify dropshipping Guide

Now your online store is completely ready, but as of now your store is empty, so we have to add some products to our store.

When you create your account on Shopify, the dashboard of your Shopify will look like the interface shown below.

shopify dropshipping Guide

How to set up a theme in your Shopify store?

  • Go to Shopify Dashboard
  • Online Store -> Theme -> Scroll down -> free Theme -> Explore Free theme
shopify Theme Setup

As soon as you click on the Explore Free theme, you will find many themes in front of you.

shopify theme setup

Click on the themes you like and click on Add to the theme library.

shopify theme setup

Your free theme will be added to your Shopify store.

If you want to use a paid theme, then you click on the Shopify theme store, then you will get many paid themes, then by buying the theme you like, you can apply that theme in your Shopify store.

We talked about this theme setup, now we will talk about how to connect our domain name with Shopify?

How do we add domains to our Shopify store?

To connect domain name to Shopify follow the steps given below.

  • Open Shopify Dashboard
  • Go to Online Store -> click Domains
shopify domain setup

If you do not have a domain, you can buy the domain from Shopify by clicking on Buy new domain, and connect with the Shopify store.

If you already have a purchased domain, then connect it with Shopify.

To connect a domain, you click Connect Existing Domain and add your old domain.

We have just learned, theme, and domain setup.

How to connect Google search analytics with Shopify?

  • Open Shopify Dashboard
  • Go to Online Store -> click Preference
shopify setting

Now you paste your Google Analytics code here. You will get the option of Google analytics in Preference, but you will get many more options.

Like social sharing images:
This means that whenever you share your store on any social media platforms, at the time you want to use the image, put it here.

And you will get many more options in Preference options like meta tag, meta description, Facebook connect, Pinterest connects, and much more.

“Friends, you will know more when you use Shopify yourself – and it is free for 14 days (no credit card required) – because in practice we get to learn more”

So far you have learned three things –

  1. Theme install
  2. Domain Connect
  3. Preference

Now we learn some important settings.

Important settings of Shopify Store

Follow the steps given below to make important settings of Shopify.

  • Login Shopify dashboard
  • Go to Setting
shopify Settings

Then you will come across a lot of options, such as General Settings, Location, Legal, and much more.

If you want to set your location, you can set the location by clicking on the location option.

Link Paypal With Shopify

By clicking on the payment option, you can link your PayPal account – the money of your product will be credit in your PayPal account. So without forgetting you must link your Paypal account with Shopify.

You can set the language of your store by clicking on Store language.
I would advise you to keep the language English of your store,
Because English is an international language, And everyone understands.

By clicking on the legal option, you can automatically generate your store’s privacy policy, disclaimer, and even more useful pages.

In Shopify, you will find everything that is used to run an e-commerce business.

Why am I only suggesting Shopify make you an online store?

Because a lot of employees work day and night behind Shopify and make Shopify good. And those who are experts in e-commerce also advise us to use Shopify.

So I tell you again that you should use Shopify for 14 days free so that you can understand Shopify well.

Now, we will talk about how to import the product from aliexpress website to our Shopify store with the help of the Obrelo app that too for free.

How to install Oberlo from the Shopify App Store?

  • Login Shopify dashboard
  • Click On App
  • Click – Visit the shopify app store
Install oberlo App

After clicking on visit the Shopify app store, you will be redirected to another page.

Install Oberlo App

Now you search Oberlo here and install by clicking on add app.

install Oberlo App

As soon as you install the oberlo app, then you will see the interface shown below,

Use Oberlo App

From aliexpress you will import your product here, then you will do import your product at your Shopify store. Don’t take too much tension because all this process happens in just one click.

Now you have installed oberlo app, now you have to install chrome extensions of oberlo, when you install a chrome extension of oberlo, only then you can import aliexpress products in your Shopify store.

How to install the Oberlo chrome extension?

To install the chrome extension of Oberlo, you search “chrome web store” in Google.

Then click on the link of “chrome web store“.

Oberlo Chrome Extension

Now you will reach the interface given below.

Oberlo Chrome extension
  • Search – oberlo
  • Add then click on chrome.
  • Wait a minute or two, then you will be redirected to another page.
Use Oberlo Extension

Now sign up on the Oberlo app – if you have already signed up on the Oberlo app, then sign in.

If you had not yet signed up on the Oberlo app, set the email id and password and click on “sign up for free”.

Now you have successfully installed a chrome extension of Oberlo app in your browser.

Now to import a product from aliexpress, you must have an account of aliexpress.

So now we learn how to create your account on aliexpress.

How to create Aliexpress Account ??

  • Search – Aliexpress
  • Click on the first link
  • Click Sign up button
  • Enter email and set password

After doing so, your Aliexpress account will be successfully opened.

How to add your product to Shopify?

Right now whatever products you want to add to your Shopify store, search the product on Aliexpress.

shopify dropshipping Aliexpress Guide

I want to add jeans to my Shopify store, so I will search for jeans on aliexpress.

Then a lot of jeans will come in front of me, now I have to add the jeans in my Shopify store, I will take the arrow of my mouse on it and then click on the icon of oberlo as you see in the photo below.

Import Aliexpress Product

As soon as you click on the icon of Oberlo, the same product will start showing in your Oberlo app.

Then you have to open your Oberlo app, As soon as you open your Oberloapp, you will see your imported product.

Imported Aliexpress products

Now you can change everything in that product like,

  • Product title
  • Product description
  • Product tags
  • Product price And Much More…
Change All Description

As you can see all this in the photo below.

Shopify dropshipping Guide

Currently, the original price of the product is $17.70 and the shipping charge is $13.42, This means the total cost of the product is – $31.12.

And we are selling this product at our Shopify store for $35.40 – if you buy a user in your store then you will get $4.28.

You can increase the price of your product, even more, I am just giving you an example.

Now after editing the entire product well, you click on import to store.

As soon as you click on import to store, your product will start appearing in Shopify.

How to see your imported product in Shopify ??

  • Login Shopify dashboard
  • Click product – All product
shopify dropshipping Guide

After doing these two steps, all the products you have imported on Shopify will be visible.

The product we have added to Shopify looks like this.

shopify dropshipping Guide

As soon as a user has to buy this product, then click on buy it now and buy it.

Right now your buy it now button will not work, because your free trial is currently going on, your buy it now button will work when you purchase the Shopify plan.

I have shown you only one product by adding it to Shopify so that you can understand well.

When you add 10-12 products to your store, then your store will look like the photo below.

In-depth shopify dropshipping Guide

There are many more things in Shopify such as product collection, tags, this is very easy, so this topic is not covered in this article.

If you want me to teach you how to set collection and tags, then you will definitely tell me by commenting.

And to be honest Work, all this is very easy, you just have to do 14 days of free Shopify trial use, my guarantee is that you will understand everything well in 14 days.

How to change Shopify Store name ??

To change the name of the Shopify store

Change Shopify Store Name

1. Login Shopify dashboard
2. Go to setting
3. Click On the General Option & then
4. change your Shopify Store name

Shopify Dropshipping Guide

how to close a shopify store?

shopify dropshipping Guide

* Login Shopify dashboard
* Go to setting
* Click On the Plan & permission Option & Then Scroll Down And Close Your Shopify Store.

shopify dropshipping Guide


1: Should beginners use Shopify?

Ans: Yes, Shopify is also best for beginners, and expert e-commerce men also best, because Shopify’s dashboard is very easy.

I will give you a bit of advice that you are a beginner, so you should use the basic plan of Shopify for $ 29 dollars.

2: Can we import a review of aliexpress product?

Ans: Yes, you can import a review of the product of aliexpress at your Shopify store.

To import the review of aliexpress product to your Shopify store, you have to install an app called lookup from the Shopify app store on your Shopify store.

And this lookup app is not free, you have to pay $10 dollars to the lookup app every month.

However, the lookup app does give you a 7-day free trial.

3: How to set up payment in Shopify?


* Login Shopify dashboard
* Go to setting
* Click On the Payment Option & Then Link your PayPal account with Shopify, By linking Paypal, users can pay by PayPal or debit card.

4: Do we need hosting in Shopify Store?

Ans: No, you do not need to take hosting to build the Shopify store, because when you buy any plan of Shopify, Shopify provides you hosting for free.

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Summary Of This Article

We learned what Shopify is in this article, then the advantage or disadvantage of Shopify, aliexpress, obrelo and
Shopify Understand the interface properly.
You learned to import the product, and learned some important settings of Shopify.

If you want to learn affiliate marketing and blogging and SEO, Making Money all this step by step advanced level, then fill the form below immediately, so that you can reach our post first of all,

Good news: When you fill the form below, you will get a Free “Secret Guide of Digital Marketing” eBook.

Now I finish our article here, if you have any question, you can ask me by commenting in the comment box, I will definitely answer your question.

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