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Start Your Own Blog And Earn $1000/Mo With Crazy Strategy [FREE Guide]

Last Updated on 1 September,2020 by Arun Pandey

In today’s article, I will teach you how to start your own blog.

Now blogging has become a career, not a Hobby, Many people have become heroes from zero through blogging.

So let us learn how to become a hero from zero in our blogging career?

Some steps to be successful in blogging.

  • Find the topic of the blog, on which topic you want to make a blog
  • Buy a domain name
  • Buy best hosting company
  • Select the blogging platform
  • install WordPress
  • design your WordPress blog
  • Install the necessary plugins
  • Write your first blog
  • Share your blog
  • Monetization your blog
  • Try to bring maximum traffic to your blog
  • Put the best content on your blog If you follow this step then nothing can stop you from being successful in blogging.

Completely Free WordPress Setup Service.

You will need three things very much to do blogging.

  • domain name 
  • Best hosting service
  • Good platform for blogging

What is the domain name?

Domain name means your website name.
Let me show you by example,
These are all domain names.

And always you have to use the TLD domain only.

What is the TLD Domain ??

TLD – Top level Domain

.Com, .In, .Net, .Org These are all called Top-Level Domain.

What should we name our domain?

You can keep a name for your blog in three ways.

  • Put a blog name on your name.
    Example – My name is Amit Rathod, then I will name my blog or
  • Another way to name your blog is to keep the domain name related to your topic.

Example – Our blog is related to digital marketing, SEO and blogging, that’s why we have named our blog

The keyword in our blog has gone digital, hence it is called a Topic related domain name.
Example – if your blog is on nutrition then you name your blog or

I would suggest you find a domain name related to your topic.

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If you want to rank your blog in India, you can use it.In or domain.
If you want your blog to rank globally, you can use .com, .Net, .org.

  • Another way to name your blog is to name your blog as a brand.

Example –, all domain names are by brand.

Here, our first step ends to find the domain.

Best Hosting Provider Company

Friends, if you want to run your blog like a career or in a professional way, then you have to get the best hosting.

Nowadays a lot of hosting provider company has come in the market, which provides you hosting cheaply.

But I suggest that you should not get stuck in cheap hosting, because if you buy cheap hosting, that hosting company tells you that we will support you 24 * 7, but it does not happen.

Therefore, I am suggesting that you should not get caught in the cheap hosting.

Right now you must be thinking sir, Which is the best hosting according to you?

In today’s time, the best hosting provider company is two and it recommends the official website of WordPress to use both the hosting.

These two hosting companies are the best, (Read Review Of SiteGround) but I will ask you to use hosting (Read Review Of BlueHost) because the price of hosting of is less than SiteGround.

And SiteGround has increased its hosting price recently.

That’s why’s hosting will be good for you.

Since 2005 the official website of WordPress suggests us use hosting.

BlueHost advantages and disadvantages

No company is such that it is the best in every field, all the company has advantages and disadvantages, so let us see what are the advantages of Bluehost? And what are the disadvantages?

Advantages of Bluehost hosting.

  • Support is Brilliant.
  • Since 2005, have been recommending to use the hosting of Bluehost, the official website of WordPress.
  • The hosting price is low.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 99.99% Uptime guarantee

disadvantages of Bluehost hosting.

Site migration – If you have to transfer your website to another hosting, then you have to pay some money to Bluehost, only then Bluehost will transfer your website to another hosting.

You get the domain name for one year for free, but if you renew that domain after one year, the renewal charge is about $15 dollars/year.

Bluehost Pricing

Now we see the plans and price of Bluehost WordPress Hosting.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting has 3 plans available [which Bluehost plan is best]
Basic, Choice & plus choice

Bluehost Original Price List

  • Basic – $3.95/mo*
  • Choice – $5.95/mo*
  • plus choice – $6.95/mo*

Special Offer Only For DMH Readers – Bluehost pricing plans start at $3.95/mo but when you use our Special Button, you can get it for just $2.95/mo.

  • Basic – $2.95/mo*
  • Choice – $4.95/mo*
  • plus choice – $4.95/mo*
Start Your Own Blog And Earn $1000/Mo With Crazy Strategy [FREE Guide]

The above Discount price is only for those who are using this magic button.

1 Website
Free SSL Certificate
50 GB SSD Storage
Free Domain for 1 Year
5 Parked Domains
25 Subdomains
99% Up-Time
30-Day Money Back guarantee
Unlimited Websites
Free SSL Certificate
Unmetered SSD Storage
Free Domain for 1 Year
Unlimited Subdomains
Microsoft Office Email – Free 30 Days
99% Up-Time
30-Day Money Back guarantee
Choice Plus
Unlimited Websites
Free SSL Certificate
Unmetered SSD Storage
Free Domain for 1 Year
Unlimited Subdomains
Microsoft Office Email – Free 30 Days
CodeGuard Basic Backup
99% Up-Time
30-Day Money Back guarantee

What others are saying about Bluehost Hosting.


“They are an official ‘WordPress’ recommended hosting provider. With Bluehost, you never have to worry about your website being slow even when there is a lot of traffic. Their 24/7 expert support is always there to help when you need it by phone, email, or live chat. “

Syed Balkhi



“Bluehost has ranked at or near the top for both uptime and loading times for more than a year. They offer strong security support, a money-back guarantee, and plenty of user-friendly apps, all for one of the lowest rates in the industry.”

Brad Smith


Bluehost Basic Plan Feature

All the features that you will get in BlueHost’s basic plan are shown below to you.

  • You can host a website in the Basic plan.
  • Free SSL is also available.
  • 50 GB SSD Storage
  • Free Domain For 1 Year
  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • Powerful Security
  • 25 SubDomains
  • Get Verified on Google My Business

This last feature very few hosting providers provides you.

In Basic – Basic plan you can host only one website, and get free SSL and 50 Gb storage and1 year free domain & 25 subdomains.

In Plus – Plus plan you can host unlimited websites, and you will get free SSL and Unlimited storage and 1-year Free Domain & Unlimited Subdomain.

In Choice Plus – Choice Plus plan you can also host unlimited websites, and you will get free SSL and Unlimited storage and 1-year free domain & unlimited subdomain & code guard basic backup.

According to your budget, you can buy any of these three plans, according to my advice you should buy the Choice Plus plan

How do we buy Hosting for my blog from

Click on the magical button and get an amazing 70% discount.[bluehost wordpress tutorial]

After clicking on the button, you will get to the interface given below.


Now you have started the website, therefore there will not be much traffic on your blog, that is why you choose BlueHost’s basic plan.


“When more traffic comes to your blog, you can also upgrade or downgrade your plan.”

If you have to host a lot of websites, then you have to use Bluehost plus or choice plus plan.

If you purchase a Plus plan, you can host unlimited websites, you will not need to take hosting from elsewhere.

After Choosing the plan, you click on Select.

By clicking on select, you will get to the interface given below.

Start Your own blog

If you have not done domain purchase, you can You can use the domain for free for 1 year by entering your preferred domain in the option of Create a new domain.

If you have already purchased the domain, then you add your domain to the option of Use a domain you own, then click on Next.

Then the interface shown below will appear in front of you, fill the basic details, and purchase the hosting, by clicking on the submit button.

Start Your own blog
Start Your own blog
Start Your own blog
Start Your own blog
Start Your own blog

On clicking the submit button, you will be redirected to the page below.

Set the domain name and password and click on register.

start your own blog

Now you sign in on BlueHost,
You will get Cpanel’s user name and password from BlueHost on your mail, then you can access Bluehost’s Cpanel.

start your own blog

We now teach how to set up a WordPress blog.

How to set up your wordpress blog?

Login BlueHost Dashboard.

Now click on the wordpress option and install WordPress in one click.

start your own blog

Now you fill some basic details such as description and URL to your blog title. Then enter the username and password and click on install.

After installing WordPress you will have two links.

start your own blog
  • One link to your blog
  • And another link to your dashboard
  • By clicking on this link, you can sign in on your WordPress dashboard. By clicking on this link, you will get to the interface shown below.

start your own blog

Now you have to enter the name and password that you set while installing WordPress in username and password. After entering that username and password, you click on login.

As soon as you click on login, you will successfully come to your WordPress dashboard. As mentioned in the photo below.

Start your own blog

NOTE – “This low price is for those who have never used Bluehost hosting, meaning for new customers – if you renew the Bluehost then you will have to pay more money to the Bluehost hosting company”

Important Settings of WP Dashboard

Make settings similar to the photo below in your WordPress dashboard.

Step 1: Go To Setting -> General -> And Set Up your Basic Setting

Site Title: Enter your blog name in the site title.

Tagline: In Tagline you write 3 or 4 words related to your blog.


Step 2: Go To Setting -> Permalink -> And Set Up your Permalink


The best platform for blogging.

By the way, there are many such platforms in the market that give you a chance to blogging.

Like blogger, WordPress, Wix But I would recommend platform for blogging.

Because 30% of the website is built with the help of WordPress.
95% of blogs are also made with the help of WordPress.

That is why if you want to run your blog in a professional way, WordPress is the best platform for blogging and website.

Design your blog.

They say “The first impression is the last impression”

Therefore, you should design your blog in the best way,
Install good themes on your blog, install a useful plugin.

Free WordPress Theme List

  • Oceanwp
  • Generatepress
  • Astra

And many more other themes.
If you talk about our theme then we have used the ocean wp theme
And for page building, we have used elementor.

Useful Free plugin list

  • Yoest SEO
  • Contact Form 7
  • Elementor page builder
  • Rankmath
  • Use mail chimp to collect emails.

And many other useful plugins.

To install the theme, click on the appearance, and click on themes.
Click – add new Then a lot of themes will come in front of you, install what you like.

start your own blog

To install the plugin, click on the plugin option on the left side and click on add new, Now you install the plugin related to your theme.

start your own blog

Useful Pages

You have to create useful pages on your blog like,
About us
Contact us
Privacy policy

To create a page, log in to your WordPress dashboard, click on pages on the left side, click on add new, then create pages.

Write your first blog.

Now write your first blog with 1500+ words with Yoast Seo & Rankmath plugin,

Tips for writing a blog

  • Search Keywords
  • A title should be your focus keyword.
  • 6 focus keywords add to your blog
  • Your focus keywords should appear 3 to 4 times in the first 100 words.
  • Must use at least 1 or 2 images.
  • Link your first article to another article
  • Share your blog on social media platforms, everywhere.
  • Image optimization.

SEO ON page optimization tutorial

  • Crawling, Adding your website in Google Search Console.
  • Perform image optimization.
  • Create SEO friendly permalink.
  • Make your article SEO friendly by using Yoest Seo plugin or rank math plugin.
  • Increase the site speed of your website.
  • Use H1, H2 tags.

SEO OFF page optimization tutorial

Create as many backlinks as possible.
Submit your blog to the Ping submission site.

Backlinks mean that your blog links are linked to other blogs,
Therefore it is called Backlink.

If you want to rank in Google, you have to create maximum backlinks.

How to monetize your blog and make money from your blog?

When it comes to making money from blogs, the name of Google Adsense comes first in our mind.

There is no doubt that we can earn more with Google Adsense.

But many bloggers do not get approval from Google Adsense.
If you are approved, then it is a good thing that you can earn by placing Google Adsense advertisements on your blog.

Google AdSense works on Hign CPC (cost-per-click).

If a user comes to your blog and clicks on Google Adsense ads, then you get some money from Google Adsense.

Tips to get Google AdSense approval.

  • There should be at least 8 to 10 posts on your blog.
  • Word Length 1500+
  • Content quality must be 100% unique
  • There should be useful pages.
  • The blog should be designed properly.
  • robots.txt must be properly.
  • Your blog should be added to Google Search Console.
    If you follow all these tips, you will get the approval of Google Adsense.

But even then the approval of Google Adsense is a bit difficult to get, but there is no talk of a tremble.

If you are not getting approval of Google Adsense, then you can also go to the alternative of Google Adsense.

Alternative of Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is the best alternative also works like Adsense at high CPC.

Tips for approval

  • Your blog should have more traffic from the USA, UK, and Canada.
  • Content should be of quality.
  • Blog design should be good.
  • useful pages

After doing this you will get the approval of media.Net.

You can also advertise both and Google Adsense on your blog.

Now you have made great effort on your blog
But you did not even get the approval of Google Adsense and the approval of, You do not have to panic in this situation.

Ways to make money from blogging.

I told you Adsense and how to make money from ads

2) – The second method to earn money from blogging. Create an ebook related to your topic and sell that ebook through your blog. And earn money.

3) – Affiliate marketing is the third way to earn money from blogging.

Join an affiliate program and promote their service.
Whenever you sell their service, that company pays you some commission.
This is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is related to its blog topic.

Suppose your blog is on clothes, then you can earn money by joining Amazon’s affiliate program.

Now let’s talk about how to Increase maximum traffic to our blog?

how to Increase maximum traffic to our blog?

A lot of bloggers can’t get blog traffic, so they get frustrated and close their blogs.

If you do not have enough traffic on your blog, in this case, you do not have to bother, you only good SEO and write high-quality content, only then traffic will come to your blog.

Tips to bring traffic to the blog.

Step – 1) – Open an account on

What is

Quora is a question and answer website.
On this website, a user asks you a question and you have to answer that question. This is how the website works.

Open your account on and you write answers to many questions on Quora, and in the middle of that answer, you put a link on your blog, as soon as a user will read your answer and click on the link, that user will be on your Will come on-site.

Step – 2) – I told you first of all that you should submit your blog in the ping submission site.

Suggestion Read
1) Top 10 Verify Ping Submission Site List
50+ Great Blog Directory Submission Site List

Step – 3) – Create your account on

What is ?? is a website that gives you the opportunity to write articles for free. And let me tell you that medium dot com traffic is in millions so that you can understand how much traffic can come on your blog.

You have to write some articles, and in the middle of that article, put a link to your blog. is a great way to get traffic to your blog.

Step – 4) – The fourth way is to do SEO (search engine optimization) properly.

Inspect the URL of your article properly in the Google search console.

Create as many backlinks as possible.

The Best Way to Make Backlinks.

You can find a blog related to your blog on Google and try to contact the administrator of that blog via email.

You can offer them that if you give me backlinks, Then I Will Give you write one article for free. There is a 70% chance that he will not refuse you.

In this way, you can increase the traffic of your blog.

The most important thing is to keep updating your blog article so that the ranking is good.

I have given you a link to the DoFollow forum list below, read that article, you can increase the backlink of your blog with the help of the DoFollow forum.

FAQ – Friendly Asked Question

Can a beginner make money from blogger blogging ?

Yes, if you are new to the field of blogging, you can earn money from Google AdSense,, and affiliate marketing.

How many articles should we write on our blog in a day ?

There is no such rule that if you do not put articles on your blog every day then your blog will not rank. Even if you enter an article in a week, your article will be ranked, but your content should be of quality, And word length should be 1500+. Write an article with quality, not quantity.

How much money can we earn from blogging ??

It depends on the traffic of the blog. Before starting a blog, ask yourself the following questions.

Why do I want to start a blog?
Can I write long articles?
Am I interested to learn something from online platforms ??

If you have the answers to these questions, then you start a blog immediately.

Which platform is good for creating a blog?

WordPress.Org is the best platform for creating blogs.

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