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7 Online Business For Student With Zero Investment & Earn $5k/Month

Last Updated on 31 August,2020 by Arun Pandey

Hi Digital Learner’s
In today’s article, I will tell you about “7 Online Business For Student With Zero Investment & Earn $5k/Month”, if you also do this business then you will choke by looking at your income.

And the secret thing is that all this business is online.

In today’s digital world no one wants to do 9 to 5 jobs, everyone has to learn something from the internet or earn money by doing online business or online jobs from the internet.

I now feel that the following questions are probably running in your mind.

  • How can college students earn money by doing online jobs?
  • How can college students earn money by doing business online?
  • Can college students earn money by doing online jobs at home?
  • Can a college student earn money by doing online jobs, without any experience?
  • Can unemployable people earn money by doing online jobs or business from the internet?
  • Can Housewife Make Money Online Jobs?

There is only one answer to all this, yes, you can earn money online from the internet.

If this question is going on in your mind, now you are don’t worried,
Because in this article you will get answers to all your questions.

Friends, people who do not have much knowledge of the Internet, or do not use the Internet very much, they will surely wonder whether we can earn money by doing online jobs from the Internet?

The answer is yes, you can earn money through the Internet.

Let me tell you that many people are earning millions and crores of rupees through the internet, yes friends this is 100 percent true.

I will tell you the top 7 Online Business For Student in this article, and this online business can really give you thousands and millions of rupees.

Note – To earn money in this manner, you will have to do a lot of great effort only then you will be able to earn money from this method.

It will not be like that you started work online from today and money will come from tomorrow.

If we want to earn money in any field, you will have to make some effort – only then you will get success.

7 Online Business For Student With Zero Investment.

  1. Blogging [Most Profitable Online Business For Student]
  2. Youtube
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Freelancing
  5. Selling Digital Product
  6. Dropshipping
  7. App Development

This is the seven ways by which you can earn millions of rupees a month.

Wait … Wait … Wait

I told you at the beginning of the article that you will be able to earn money from this method only when you Work hard.

“You don’t get anything in this world without great effort – if you want to see success, then you have Hard Work.”

Now we learn in the Top 7 Online Business For Student With No Experience In-Depth Article.


Blogging comes at Number 1 – Top 7 Online Business For Student.

Online Business For Student

Because you can earn a lot of money from this business.

What is blogging?

Blogging means whatever information you share on the Internet using a website or blog, it is called blogging in simple language.

You have to have a blog to do blogging.

What is Blog?

Blog means the information that you want to reach people, a blog is created to convey that information to people.

In which you write good articles and Users likes your article, and share it on the internet (Google, Yahoo, Bing, And more).
You will be surprised to know that you are reading this article, it is a blog.

Both the blog and the website are the same.

7 Online Business For Student With Zero Investment & Earn $5k/Month

Websites provide us with some paid service.
And in the blog, we share all our knowledge on the Internet.

Now you must be thinking that we are putting all the free articles on our blog, how will we get income from blogging.

How to earn money from blogging?

If you put 10 to 15 good articles on your blog, then you can apply your blog for Google AdSense.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a Google service, which puts some ads on your blog, and as soon as a user clicks on Google Adsense ads, Google pays you a little money.

When your blog is approved by Google AdSense, then you can earn money by placing ads on your blog.

How to make your blog?

Before creating a blog, you need to know what you will write in your blog.

Meaning on which topic you will make your blog and what will be written in it.

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I will give you some topics so that you know properly,
You can write stories on your blog, digital marketing, Nutrition, Inspiration,
Education, There are many things that you can provide knowledge to your audience through your blog.

You have to choose one of these topics and on that topic, you have to constantly put good articles on your blog.

Then your earning will also increase gradually.

There are some other ways by which we can make money from blogging.

Some way to Earn money from blogging.

  1. Advertising (Displaying Ads Using Google AdSense)
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Make Your Own Products (Promoting Products)
  4. Paid Guest posts
  5. Sell Digital Products like – Ebooks and many more.

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These are some ways by which you can earn extra income.

Top Indian blogs – who earn millions a month.
…. And More

So friends, now you must have understood that we can really earn a lot of money from blogging – But the condition is that you have to work hard.


Youtube comes second in the Online Business For Student.

If you do not know, then let me tell you that the most search after Google is YouTube.

Online Business For Student.

Have you ever thought that why does everyone post so many videos on youtube ??

We can also earn money from YouTube.
You must have seen on YouTube that if you watch any of the videos, first an advertisement comes, just by this advertisement, the administrator of that video earns money.

You have to put your videos on YouTube to earn money from YouTube.

You have to find many topics like comedy, yoga and more, and select one of them.

Then make videos on that topic and upload it to YouTube.
You can also shoot videos from your phone.

When there are 1000 subscribe, 10000 views and 2,40,000 watch time on your videos, ads will start to appear on your video.

These ads will not come automatically, you will have to apply for Google Adsense when your Adsense is approved, then ads will come on your video, and you can earn money through those ads.

And the important thing is that your video should be original, and should be of content quality.

Top Successful Indian youtubers

Amit bhadana
Ashish chanchalani
Bhuvan Bam
Technical guruji
..And More.

All this earns millions of rupees every month from YouTube.

Income Source From Youtube

Google Adsense
Paid Review & Videos
Sponsor Videos
..And More.

Now you must have understood that we can make money from YouTube too.

Affiliate Marketing

This method comes at number three in the Online Business For Student.

Affiliate marketing means if you sell the service or product of a company, then that company pays you some money, it is called simple language affiliate marketing.

Online Business For Student

You can do affiliate marketing in 3 ways.
Via blog, From YouTube and social media.

To do affiliate marketing with blogging, it is very important to have a blog first of all.

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Suppose your blog is of clothing, then in this situation, you can join the affiliate program of amazon and flip card.

80% of big bloggers earn money only by affiliate marketing.

And in affiliate marketing, we have very Profit is available.

If you join any affiliate program, then that company provides you with an affiliate link.

Then you have to share that affiliate link on your blog and all social media platforms.

As soon as a user will buy a product or a service from your link, that company pays you some commission.


You get a commission from 5% to 50%, and sometimes even more than that, depending on which product you affiliate with.

To do affiliate marketing, you just have to create a blog, then join the affiliate program, and start doing affiliate marketing.

If you do not have a blog, then you can do affiliate marketing from social media.

But your social media account should have more followers.

To do affiliate marketing with social media, you have to tell your audience about your product, If a user likes your product, then as soon as the user buys the product from your link, then your commission will be credited in your account.

Clothing Affiliate Program

  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • FlipCard Affiliate Program

Digital marketing affiliate program

  • Berush
  • Affiliate marketing with web hosting.

And many more.

note – You only have to join the affiliate program, which is related to your blog, only then you will be able to profit.


Freelancing comes on the fourth number in the Online Business For Student.

Online Business For Student

The word freelancing means independence.

Freelancing means – There are some websites where two types of people register.

People who want to work online register on these websites.
And the people who have to get their project or some work done by someone else, they also register on such a website.

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As soon as a man puts his job on the freelancing website, he gets a lot of proposals from freelancer workers.

Then he accepts the propulsion that he likes, and contacts the person who sent the proposal, and gives him work.

After the work is done, the person who gave you the work pays you for your work.

  • Fiverr
  • People per hour
  • Freelancer
  • Guru

How to start Freelancing Business?

You can follow the steps given below to do Freelancing Business.

  • First, you register on the freelancing website.
  • Then complete your profile.
  • Put a good portfolio in your profile.
  • Find the related jobs of your knowledge.
  • Send a proposal, and write in the proposal that I will charge so much money to do this work.
  • And as soon as the proposal is approved, then start working.

And you have to complete the work before the complete deadline, then charge the money from that Employer.

If you complete five or 6 jobs and get good reviews, then you will not need to send a proposal for work,

The one who needs to get the work done, will come to you and say, Sir, if you complete our project, we will pay you so much money.

This is a hard effort in the method, you will not start getting work immediately, But once you start getting work, you can earn lakhs of rupees a month, and many people are also earning a lot of money from this method.

I hope you have come to understand the work of freelancing.

Selling Digital Product

Selling Digital Product comes at number five in the Online Business For Student

This is a very easy business, but still, you have to make a little effort to do this business.

These days many digital products are sold on the internet like eBooks, Informative Products, Recorded Webinars, and much more.

You can also do this by creating a business website, tools like Shopify and wordpress woo-commerce can help you in creating a website, then earn money.

If you want to push this business through the website, then traffic to your website is very important,

You can also run SEO (search engine optimization) or Facebook and Google ads to increase traffic to your website. By running Facebook and Google ads, your website can become popular in less time.


The only thing you have to invest in this business – is your time,
if you make that digital product well, then that product can give you by earning a lifetime.

You must have seen many such people on the internet, who say that if you join our course, you will get to see such a webinar.
All this is the business of Selling Digital Product.

How do we start Digital Product Business?

If you want to create your digital product on your website then you need to buy a good domain name and a good hosting service.

You can buy domain names from any company’s website, such as go daddy, NameCheap, etc.

But Hosting Service Siteground & BlueHost is one of the best hosting services.

Or you can also create an online store using Shopify, but that will cost you a bit.

What can we sell in digital products?

You can create and sell an eBook of your field.

Or you can sell informative videos & Useful Webinar’s, but your content should be original and people should benefit from your content.

I hope that now you will understand how to do the business of Selling Digital Product and make money from it.


Dropshipping is the sixth number in the Online Business For Student.

Online Business For Student

If seen, Dropshipping is a type of affiliate program.

The best and simplest way to do dropshipping is to Shopify.

To create an online store in Shopify you have to pay $29 per month By Shopify.

What is Dropshipping?

You have to pick a product from a company and sell it by putting your margin in that product, as soon as an order arrives, the company does the work of sending that order to the customer.

This is called Dropshipping in simple language.

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Example – Suppose the original price of a product is $ 50, then you can sell that product through the oberlo app for $ 80 by listing it on Shopify, as soon as the order of that product comes, the company will approve that product with your customer. And you will get a profit of $ 30.

Meaning that you do not have to do anything in the sixth number of Online Business For students.

All you have to do is list the product on Shopify, set your margin, and sell the product.

If any product returns, then the company also this Manage the problem.

How to create your online store on Shopify?

Follow the steps given below to create your online store on Shopify.

  • Go to the official website of Shopify, and SIGN UP,
  • Name your store,
  • Then connect the domain name.
  • Install the oberlo app from Shopify’s App Store.
  • Then go to the Aliexpress website and from the oberlo app, you can list the product on Shopify according to your niche.
  • Set your margin.
  • Write a good description of the product.

You can also import all reviews of aliexpress products by installing an app called lookup from Shopify’s App Store.

I hope you liked the business model of Dropshipping.

The best way to start a Dropshipping business is to start from the Aliexpress.

App Development

App Development comes at number seven in the Online Business For Student

Online Business For Student

You must be aware that this digital age is going on, in this era even a small child has a smartphone.

And you must have seen many applications in Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

We can also earn money from many applications.

You can earn a lot of money by making an application, there is no doubt about it.

Okay, you don’t know how to create an app, you don’t even know to code, yet you can create an app and publish it in the google play store.

Ask how?

There are many websites that make you an application for free, but whenever you earn money from that application, you will have to pay 50% money to that website, because that website helped you to make your application.

Poplar application developer website.


Now let’s talk about earning money from applications.

How to earn money from the application?

You can earn money from the application in three ways.


You can earn money by placing ads of google Admob on your application.

If any user clicks on your application’s ads, you will get money.

This is the most popular and easy way to earn money from applications.

In-App Purchases

This method is going on a lot in the market these days,

You let your user use some feature of your application for free, if the user has to use all the features of the application, then you tell that if you want to use all the features then you have to purchase this application.

This is also a good way to earn money from applications.


This approach resembles In-App Purchases.

You let your user use some features of your application for free if the user has to use all the features of the application. So you can tell that if you want to use all the features, then you have to take the subscription of this application, and you have to give the monthly $ 10 only then you will be able to use this feature.

Example of subscription application.

Netflix and much more…

Friends, now I finish my article here, hope you like our Online Business For Student article.

If you have any question, you can ask me by commenting in the comment box, I will definitely answer your question.

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