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Ultimate & Depth Guide of digital marketing With Secret

Last Updated on 26 July,2020 by Arun Pandey

Hi Digital Learner’s
In today’s article, we will learn what is digital marketing?
And how can we do digital marketing?

All the questions given below will be solved in this article.

  • What Is Digital Marketing?
  • Digital Marketing jobs?
  • Digital Marketing salary?
  • how to get a job in digital marketing?
  • how to become a digital marketing manager?
  • how to grow your digital marketing agency?
  • how to get started in digital marketing?

Before starting the article, I give a little introduction.

My name is Amit Rathod – Founder of

Come back to our topic.

What is digital marketing?

Friends, digital marketing is made up of two words, one is digital and the other is marketing.

Digital means – The term digital is connected to the Internet, you would know that the 21st century is also called the digital age.

Digital simply means the internet-connected tool

Marketing – Marketing means promoting anything, to convey any specific thing to your target audience.

You must have seen all the advertisements reached on TV, it is just a type of marketing.

I think by now you will know the difference between digital and marketing.

Now let’s talk about digital marketing, What is the meaning of these two words?

Digital marketing simple definition

You have to promote your product online, it is just called digital marketing in simple language.

In today’s era, Online marketing is expanding very fast all over the world, every company wants to sell its product or service online.

So that their business can grow quickly.

And let me tell you a secret, the industries of digital marketing have grown because of all of us.

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Ultimate & Depth Guide of digital marketing With Secret

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You must be wondering how digital marketing industries grew because of us.

  • How many hours do you stay online on Facebook?
  • How many hours do you stay online on Instagram?
  • How many hours do you live online on youtube?

Let me answer my question.

You must have seen ads of your interest in Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube at some time.

And you must have purchased a comment or a service by clicking on those ads. This is the way Online marketing is, and Online marketing also profits.

The second secret thing to tell you – the second secret is that digital marketing costs a lot less than traditional marketing.

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional Marketing Simple Definition

If you have gone for a walk on TV or outside, then advertise that is shown in the poster is called traditional marketing.

The third secret thing is that you can start your advertisement on Instagram, Facebook for just Rs 70, this is a very good thing.

How do big companies do digital marketing?

You must have seen that big companies also have Facebook and Instagram pages, and many companies are also YouTube channels.

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Now suppose that company has 1000 followers on its Instagram account.
Whenever that company will launch a new product, the photo of that product will be shared on its Instagram and Facebook.

Then the photo will be shared and shared by the followers of that company.

Then the product of that company becomes popular in the market in a few days. This is called digital marketing.

And yes, Online marketing is done by giving one more thing, you can do digital marketing without ads By SEO.

SEO (search engine optimization).

If you want to do Online marketing then you have compulsory to have your own website.

Only then a user will come to your website and buy your service or your product.

After creating the website, you will also have to do SEO properly on that website, only then your website will reach your target audience.

Digital marketing and online marketing are both the same words.

Advantages of digital marketing

  • A simple and fast way to promote your product or service
  • Marketing costs less.
  • You can show your product to the target audience.
  • There is a lot of profit from doing digital marketing.
  • The branding value of your business or website increases.
  • You can get your product promoted globally by using digital marketing.
  • You can earn more profit in less time.
  • You can know all the details of your competitor by using some tools.

If you want to know the details of your competitor, then read the article below.

Digital marketing demand in present and future

There was a time when we had to go out of our village to the city to do shopping. But it does not take long to change the time, now see that we can get everything from the phone.

If you want to eat something, you can order from mobile, if you want to do shopping then you can do shopping from mobile.

Internet and digital marketing have tried to connect people to each other, and have made life easier for people, 50 years ago this was not possible.

The demand for digital marketing will grow very fast in the future.
And all companies will come online from offline.

How can I do digital marketing?

You can do digital marketing in all the ways given below.

Types of Digital Marketing


If you do not know, then let me tell you that on which you are reading this article, This is a blog.

Blogging is a very popular and profitable way to earn money online.

Blog means you share information on the Internet like I am doing now.

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Ultimate & Depth Guide of digital marketing With Secret
Ultimate & Depth Guide of digital marketing With Secret

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And you will be surprised to know that many bloggers earn millions of rupees a month by blogging.

You can sell the product on your blog and make a brand of your blog.
You can earn money in other ways too.

You can also create a free blog, if you want to create a professional blog, then you will have to spend a little money.

This approach is the best part of digital marketing.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Simple Definition

You can get your blog ranked in Google in a short time through SEO and that too on the first page.

If you do properly Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your blog or website, then a lot of traffic starts coming to your blog.

Then you can earn money using something or Google Adsense on your blog.

If you become an SEO expert, then you can also get a job in a big company.

And you will be surprised to know that big websites spend millions of rupees on SEO of their website so that their website is shown on Google’s first page.


You must have heard the name of Youtube.

Have you ever thought, why put all videos on YouTube?


You must have seen that as soon as you watch a video on YouTube, so ads come first. The admin of the YouTube channel earns money from those advertisements.

Now you must be thinking that digital marketing came in it?

You must have seen in the technical channel that it is a review of mobile, tv on the channel.

The mobile company, which has more subscribers, offers them and says that if you review our mobile, we will give you so much money.

So all this work was done online and through the mobile company, YouTube channel promoted mobile product, so this is digital marketing.

And you will be surprised to know that after Google, the highest search is on YouTube.

Many companies hire big YouTubers to tell people about their products and pay a lot of money to review the product.

Social media

Social media is an extremely easy way to do digital marketing.

You have to create your account on the social media platform and put in good content and grow your social media account as soon as possible.

After the social media account has grown, you can promote another social media account, or you can also sell a product.

You must have seen many accounts on Instagram that sell goods online.

And you must have seen advertisements for many companies on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

So this is a simple way to do digital marketing.

Google Adwords

Google AdWord is also a profitable way of doing digital marketing.

You must have seen in Google that the ad is written on a website at the top.


So that website has advertised in Google using Google AdWords.

You can also give these ads.

Type Google ads into Google, register, enter details, and run your campaign.
After being approved, your ads will start showing on Google.

Let us tell you that you must have seen a lot of advertisements on Google, but 85% of the advertisement is made using Google Adwords.

This is a paid service for which you have to pay some money to Google.

You can advertise in Google for 28 days for 3000 to 4000 rupees, then the more money you spend, the more you will profit, more users will come to your website and more will sell.

With Google Adwords, you can run many types of ads.

for example
• Text ads
• Image ads
• Sponsored search etc
• Text and image ads
• Match content ads
• Video ads
• Pop-up ads
• gif ads
• Display advertising

Can run many more ads …

Email marketing

Email marketing means you must have seen the form shown below in all website, this form is also on our website.

Ultimate and depth Guide of digital marketing With Secret

As soon as a user fills this form, his email id goes to the website owner.

Then the website owner gives all the information of his next post via email to that user, or sells the product, or does affiliate marketing.

This method is also a part of digital marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

The most profitable way is affiliate marketing.

The best and most profitable way to earn money from digital marketing or blog is affiliate marketing.

You will not believe that many blogs are earning millions from affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing and how do we do affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing means if you sell the service or product of a company, then that company pays you some money, this is called affiliate marketing.

If you want to do affiliate marketing then follow the steps given below.

First of all, find a company related to your blog or related to your knowledge.

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Example 1 – Suppose your blog is of cloth, then you can join the affiliate program of Amazon, flip card in this situation.

By joining Amazon’s affiliate program, you have to sell some products of amazon to your blog.

As soon as a user will buy that product from your link, Amazon will pay you some commission.

this is a very good way.

Pay per click advertising or PPC marketing

This is a part of Google AdWords, you advertise on Google AdWords via PPC (pay per click), so if any user clicks on the link of your website, then only Google will deduct your money, Google will not deduct your money for your website impressions

It is also a part of digital marketing.

Apps Marketing

As many big websites or big companies are there, you get to see their app in google play store.

In today’s digital age, even a small child has a smartphone.
This app gives you a lot of conveniences, such as
shopping, money transfer, online booking, news, and many more other benefits

This method is also called digital marketing.

Second Simple Definition of Digital Marketing

If all your work is being done online through the internet then you are doing a type of digital marketing.

Let me remind you again what you must have in order to do digital marketing.

  • Your own website or blog
  • Social media account
  • Tools for analyzing your competitor

Just these three things you have, you can easily earn money from digital marketing.

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But you have to put good content on your blog, only then a user will like your blog.


What is the benefit of digital marketing?

There are many benefits such as your personal brand value is created, if you put good content on your website then the trust level increases.
And I have told you in the articles above in the benefit.

Can social media marketing really help my business?

Definitely, social media marketing can increase your business to a great extent, but there should be more followers on your social media.

Is Digital Marketing Easy?

If you do digital marketing thoughtfully and with planning, then digital marketing is easy.
If you do digital marketing without thinking and planning, then digital marketing is a bit difficult.
But overall digital marketing is not hard.

Now I finish our article here, if you have any question, then you can comment by asking in the comment box, I will definitely answer your question.

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